How to Submit Weekly Results

  • Click on the Login link
  • Use your login credentials to log in to the website
  • After successful Login you will be taken to Dashboard screen as shown below


  • Click on the List fixtures button to go to the fixtures page

Fixtures List

  • Click on the 1st XI or 2nd XI tab to go to list the fixtures for that team
  • Click on the Submit Result link against the fixture for which you want to submit the results. Note that Submit Result link is available only for your Home games, for away games the link is replaced with View Result so you can view the Result for the fixture once it is been submitted by your opposition.
  • Select appropriate option for the game from the resulting page. Each option is described on the page itself.

Game was Completed

  • On the results screen Was there a delayed start? and Was there a disruption in the second innings ? options are available only for submitting results for 45 overs game.

Delayed Start

  • If there is a delayed start for the game, please input overs agreed per side in the textbox.

Result Details

  • Input the details for the result for this fixture
  • If a team had only 7,8,9 or 10 players for the game and they lost those many wickets (less one) then please select All Out to indicate that.
  • If there was a delay in starting the second innings or even if there was a disruption (single or multiple) during the second innings then select Was there a disruption in the second innings ? checkbox to indicate that.
  • If there were multiple disruptions during the second innings, please ensure that you input the final agreed (between captains and Umpires) figures in the Revised Overs and Revised Target fields.

Player Performances

  • For player performances, now you have an ability to search for the player by his Registration Number
  • For your help the info box indicates the two letter prefix for the teams. You can use that Prefix to search for the player
  • In the performances input box, start typing the player reg no using the two letter prefix for his team
  • for example if you start typing ET00 then the list below the inputbox will be populated with all the players whose registration begin with ET00 like ET001, ET002 etc.
  • Select the player from the populated list and input the performance in the next input box
  • Some examples illustrated below
  • Click on Submit Result button

Confirmation Screen

  • After clicking on Submit Result button you will be taken to Confirmation Screen
  • Here you will get a chance to see if what you have enetered is correct or not
  • If something is not correct go back and correct it and then
  • If everything looks okay then click on Confirm and Submit Result button

Match Result

  • This screen will inform you about the results details and points allocated for the game.
  • An automated email will be sent to you, your oposition contacts, MCL Secretary and Results Secretary
  • Points tables will also reflect the result apropriately based on the match result