How to Submit Weekly Team Reportsheets

  • Click on the Login link
  • Use your login credentials to log in to the website
  • After successful Login you will be taken to Dashboard screen as shown below


  • Click on the List fixtures button to go to the fixtures page

Fixtures List

  • Click on the 1st XI or 2nd XI tab to go to list the fixtures for that team
  • Click on the Add Reportsheet link against the fixture for which you want to submit the Captain's reportsheet. Note that this link is available against ALL the fixtures as you are expected to submit it for every game that you play

Input Reportsheet Details

  • Input details in various fields in the resulting screens
  • The highlighted checkboxes in the above screenshot can be easily missed so please ensure you check them appropriately
  • Once happy with your input values click on Submit and Add Players button

Input Players for Squads

  • This screen allows you to enter player names with their Reg No. for both the teams
  • For your easy reference the Prefix used for player Reg No is provided for each club
  • Start typing Player Reg no in the box e.g. if you start typing FU00 and the player list will be populated just below the input box for you to select the correct player from the list
  • Select the correct player from the list
  • Check the checkbox against the player depending upon their role in the team. e.g. If FU001 is Captain then check the checkbox under Captain heading, if that player is an Overseas Player then check that box
  • Repeat the process for all the players - from your squad and from opposition squad

Input Players for Squads

  • The screen should look something like above image
  • Once satisfied, click on Save button to Save the players list
  • After you save, an email will be sent to and you will also get a copy.
  • You will be taken to the view reportsheet screen displaying the details you just entered as shown below

After Save