How to Register a New Player for your club

  • Click on the Login link
  • Use your login credentials to log in to the website
  • After successful Login you will be taken to Dashboard screen as shown below

Adding a new player for your club

  • Click on the Add a player for <your club name> button

Provide Player Details

  • Provide First Name , Last Name for the player to be added
  • If the player is a non-resident player then please check Overseas checkbox
  • Click on Add Player button to add this player

List Newly added Players

  • Click on the Dashboard link from the menu to go to your Dashboard
  • In the dashboard click on the List Newly Registered players for <Your club name>

  • Here you can keep track of all new players added for your club
  • Once Registration Secretary assigns a Registration (Reg) No for a player, that player is no longer displayed in the list.