Club Player Registrations

These guidelines ONLY apply to players whose clubs play in
  1. Division 1 (1st & 2nd XI)
  2. Division 2 (1st & 2nd XI) and
  3. Division 3 (1st & 2nd XI)
  4. Division 4

Registration must be done for all Divisions. Divisions 1-3 will be required to provide photo ID cards and Division 4 does not require photo ID cards.

Each Middlesex Championship Club in ALL Divisions are required to re-register all their Non-Resident players for each season 2010 and thereafter.

It is recommended that all players in the afore mentioned clubs should register ALL their players to ensure no last minute selection dilemmas are encountered.

The process to be followed is as follows:

All Clubs shall complete online registration for their players.

  1. For Each newly registered player the club shall submit Two passport sized photographs with the player name clearly written on the back of each photo.
  2. Photographs must be provided on genuine photo paper.
  3. Photograph received on ordinary paper will be rejected.
  4. When photographs and relevant documents are received they will be checked after which ID cards will be issued.
  5. Two ID cards per player will be issued.

Failure to follow this process will delay production of ID cards

Note to players:- If you do not carry your ID card to each game you will be jeopardising your position in the team. If you do not have your ID card you will not be able to play in that particular game.