Registration of Non Resident Players

Annual Non Resident Player Registration

No Member Club may play more than one player in any Championship match who is a non-resident player.

For the purpose of this Rule, a non-resident player is defined as a player who is not a British citizen or does not have an EU passport and has not been permanently resident in the British Isles (England, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man) for a period of twenty-four consecutive months immediately before the date of the first match in which the player wishes to play. Permanently resident means the occupation of a bona fide home (i.e. the only or main home of the player) for a period of a minimum of thirty consecutive weeks in each year. Any case where the residential qualification of a player is not clear shall be referred, in advance, by the Member Club to the League Management Committee, whose decision shall be final. The League Management Committee shall have the discretion not to apply this Rule in circumstances in which the Rule is deemed to operate against the spirit in which it was introduced. Member Clubs must register all Non-Resident players by supplying the following information to the Registration Secretary of the Championship prior to April 20th of each season:

  • Full Name,
  • Nationality,
  • Current Home Address, including postcode. Date of Birth,
  • Country of birth,
  • Date of most recent entry into UK,
  • Previous Club / Clubs,
  • Photocopy of the personal details page of the passport,
  • Four passport-sized photos of any Non-Resident player who wishes to play in Division One, Two and Three both 1st and 2nd Elevens.

Any subsequent registration of a new non-resident player must be received and approved by the Registration Secretary on or before the Monday prior to that non-resident player being allowed to play for that Club. Unless a Member Club is in receipt of the Non-Resident player's Middlesex Championship Photo ID Card, that Non Resident player will not be allowed to play in any Division One and Two matches. After July 31st of each season, no non-resident player may be registered without the express permission in writing of the League Management Committee. Such permission will only be granted in the most exceptional circumstances. Non-resident players may not be transferred during the season.

At the end of every Championship match, it will be the responsibility of each Eleven to mail a card with the names and registration numbers of the Players of BOTH Elevens to the Registration Secretary, Naresh Patel. This card must be with Naresh by the Friday following the match. Teams will be fined for failing to mail cards in time. Naresh will check the names and registration numbers of the Players against the master registration database. Teams that play an unregistered Player will be fined.

Registration form for non resident player can be downloaded from this site, which is in Word format and have been virus checked.